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Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

My Mom told me my Artist Statement is over the top...

 Only in fleeting moments does the veil lift and I can truly and fully love life. My double major in Acting and Humanitarian Studies allows me to lift the veil for myself and others. I believe you have to be selfish to be happy, but I also believe you have to be extremely giving to be fulfilled. Living is learning how to be the right amount of selfish and selfless.


My art, humanitarian ventures, and every move I make mirror my messy mind. My dream is to start organizations that implement drama therapy in refugee and asylum camps. Big dream, I know, so how will I pursue it? I will work as hard as I've always worked and possibly procure public interest from acting ventures that will allow me the power and influence to fund such organizations. Fame and power CAN be used for good, but you have to balance the selfish with the selfless.


I am international clickbait 

All of my organs are reversed!

Performance Review

"Mack delivers a monologue as Ashley, leaving the audience thrilled, terrified and hooked on whatever would come next. The monologue takes on the full power of language as Mack uses her entire vocal, physical and emotional range to deliver what was inarguably the most impactful scene of the play. People may forget seeing 'Dance Nation,' but no one will forget seeing Mack. 

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